Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Problem With Sound-Bite Economics

RealClearPolitics - The Problem With Sound-Bite Economics

Column is mostly standard moderate drivel that "both sides have problems". True enough, but one has to make a decision, and BO has made it pretty easy to see at least what side CURRENTLY is the farthest out in the weeds and needs to be reined in. When we see Government consuming an all time low % of GDP, the income tax abolished, and a safety net that applies to only the bottom 10% of society, then I'd say it will be time to consider the "actual right" (meaning heading for anarchy) as on the border of "going too far". Then I'm going to consider voting liberal.

The column did contain this observation which I find to be completely unique to BO in actually elected Presidents in my lifetime -- from the sounds of it, it is a throwback to the anti-business days of FDR. Democrats are always so worried about "turning the clock back to the failed policies" -- and yet they somehow they always end up pining away for the '30s!
Confidence is crucial to stimulating consumer spending and business investment, and Obama constantly subverts confidence. In the past year, he's undone some of the good of his first months. He loves to pick fights with Wall Street bankers, oil companies, multinational firms, health insurers and others. He thinks that he can separate policies that claim to promote recovery from those that appeal to his liberal "base," even when the partisan policies raise business costs, stymie job creation or augment uncertainty -- and, thereby, undermine recovery. His health care "reform" makes hiring more expensive to employers by mandating insurance coverage. The moratorium on deep-water oil drilling kills jobs; the administration's estimate of employment loss is up to 12,000.

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