Sunday, December 05, 2010

Palin's reckless views on obesity -

Palin's reckless views on obesity -

Why we don't all get along.

  • The clearest meaning of this column is that Martin has a severe case of Palin Derangement Syndrome -- an irrational fear and loathing of all things Palin.
  • If you read what Sarah said, and then read what Martin said, one wonders how one can really be as much in hatred of someone and still hold a position at a news outlet that some would like to recognize as something other that just an arm of the Democrat party. Apparently, CNN doesn't care.
  •  Sarah happens to feel that Michelle and Barack Obama tend to see every problem as having a government solution. She said NOTHING relative to the severity of the obesity problem.
  • It is MARTIN that is of the view that "Severe = need for massive government involvement". He certainly has a right to that view, but it absolutely isn't what America has traditionally been about, nor is there any proof whatsoever that every time the government dives into a problem it has vastly better results than other means.

In short, this column is nothing more than an excuse for simple name-calling:

  • "It's clear that we can't go 24 hours without Sarah Palin saying something so stupid that it defies logic" (having a different view than Martin is "stupid")
  • "the Kim Kardashian of politics"
  • "Palin took dead aim" ( a warlike metaphor used to make Palin seem "warlike" ... she didn't say it, he did)"
  • "Maybe someone should kick Sarah Palin" (man the Democrats get incensed if ANYTHING like this is said about their folks --- incitement to violence and all that)
  • "latest broadside by Palin shows how reckless and ridiculous she is."
  • "Any Republican with common sense should see that Sarah Palin poses an immediate threat to the future of this country. She proves that every time she opens her mouth."

I love the last one ... anyone that doesn't buy into the thinking that government is the answer to EVERYTHING, including what we weigh is "an immediate threat to the future of this country".

This is CNN -- not a blogger, not HuffPo. The "Tea Party" is "shrill"? Oh, give me a break!

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