Sunday, January 30, 2011


Obama wants to 'Win the future.' (That slogan may not help.)

You know, "Moral Equivalent of War" -- Jimmuh Carter, 1977.

At least ONE MSM outlet seems willing to mention that the great BO might not be quite up to super genius standards on deep thought relative to sloganeering, and so sadly (for the left), the assumed brain damaged from birth Sarah Palin pointed it out. Even the "Wisconsin Tourism Federation" was finally forced to realize that in these days of the WWW, Twitter and youth evolved with quad thumbs, the acronym rules.

The article didn't cover them all, or provide the appropriate derision for the Republican attempts. "WIN" was treated with unimaginable disdain in the '70s. Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No" was hammered without mercy. Remember "A Thousand Points of Light"? or how about "A Kinder Gentler" conservatism / Republican party? As if the party of the Constitution vs the party of Cronies and ACORN Crime was somehow going to be helpful through unilateral surrender.

One more example of how sadly we miss at least half the humor in the world by the knee jerk reaction of the MSM and especially the entertainment industry to somehow take Democrats more seriously.

The universe is just too good though -- it is HARD to beat "WTF" for BO and "MEOW" for Jimmuh!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hatred on Planet Krugman

Climate of Hate -

One really need not go any farther than this column to see that rhetoric and reason are all too often easy to separate. A rational person really doesn't have to look at much Krugman to get a "sick feeling in the pit of their stomach". He as left reason and moderation behind long ago and exchanged them for some form of rage that makes one wonder if he can hear himself at all.

In the nadir of Republican power in the spring of 2009, KRUGMAN was all for elimination of Republicans!!

Remember BO saying that Democrats ought to "punish their enemies"?

Nutcases will ALWAYS shoot up the place ... be they John Hinkley, or wackos in Finland, England, Australia ... or you name it.

Regressive Hate

Nice little history of some of the highlights of  Regressive Hate, in case one feels snowed under by the current AZ snow job.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Ft Hood vs AZ

Journalists urged caution after Ft. Hood, now race to blame Palin after Arizona shootings | Washington Examiner

Well done column on the the obvious. WHY is it somehow important to give a guy who clearly WAS an Islamic extremist every possible benefit of the doubt and beyond, but to jump precisely the other way and go to rather stupid lengths to try to link a guy that is obviously mentally ill with US politicians and political rhetoric?

Shameless Prejudice and Bigotry

Lawmakers: Time to cool the political fury -

Certainly "prejudice and bigotry" are bad, but to equate them with 'political rhetoric" and somehow attempt to link a guy that believes in some form of mind control from the government as somehow being related to the Tea Party or any other sort of political movement that might want a smaller government is just one more sign of how common prejudice and bigotry are.

I remember well when Ronald Reagan was shot. I personally knew multiple people that were convinced that Reagan was going to "get us all nuked", and all sorts of crazy articles about his "Dangerous Cowboy attitude" and "Nobody builds a bunch of nuclear weapons unless they plan to use them" sorts of gibberish were being spewed. Even by 1985, the left was at least claiming to STILL be extremely afraid of nuclear war, and not at all above heated rhetoric and dramatizations that claimed that the policies being followed were going to get us all killed. Last I checked, we are still here and the USSR isn't exactly in the ascendancy. Apparently Hinkley was actually in love with a movie actress and trying to impress her when he shot Reagan, but I didn't hear much concern for movies contributing to insanity at that point either.

During the Bush Administration, we had "Fahrenheit 9-11" and "The Assassination of George Bush", along with regular marches and protests about the two wars still going on and Gitmo. The two wars are still in progress and Gitmo is still open, so I think it is pretty safe to say that all the heated rhetoric on those subjects was very much about politics and a prejudice much more against Bush than the supposed targets.

Were one actually anxious to "cool the political fury" rather than to shamelessly use a tragic action by an obviously mentally unstable individual to further expose your prejudice and bigotry against political views that might disagree with yours, this would be a GREAT time to leave politics out of it and just mourn the victims and maybe say a little prayer for the mentally ill young man and his family as well.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Mascot Politics - Thomas Sowell - Townhall Conservative

I need to go over and read the longer article, but this one is well worth the couple minutes it takes. Right now the MSM could care less about the homeless or the poor in any sort of situation -- that only comes out when there is a Republican president. Welcome to France -- how long before people start torching cars for a good time on weekends?

Monday, January 03, 2011

Bias In Action

The Northeast Snowstorms: One More Sign of Climate Change - TIME
But while piles of snow blocking your driveway hardly conjure images of a dangerously warming world, it doesn't mean that climate change is a myth. The World Meteorological Organization recently reported that 2010 is almost certainly going to be one of the three warmest years on record, while 2001 to 2010 is already the hottest decade in recorded history. Indeed, according to some scientists, all of these events may actually be connected.

Read that again a bit more closely and think a little harder. The article is pointing out that "weather isn't climate". OK, but then why would it be remotely interesting that 2010 is or isn't one of the hottest years on record? or that even a decade was very hot? A SCIENTIFIC view would be to "define climate", and in EITHER case, warming or cooling, point out that "it isn't weather".

"Climate" must be longer than hundreds of years, because the Medieval Warming Period, from like 800-1300 when GREENland got it's name as being a nice place for Vikings to farm and live, nor the "Little Ice Age" from 1300-1850, when there were "years with no summers" in major parts of Europe and the US, don't count as "climate". We will need to get warm enough so crops can successfully grown on Greenland in order to even get back to the Medieval Warming Period -- but even if we do, THAT will not be proof of "climate change", because not even those swings in the past count as "Climate Change" according to current definitions.

A purely politically biased view says that it is foolish to look at current cool conditions as having anything to say about warming, but it is perfectly reasonable to look at current warm conditions as being proof of warming. It seems absolutely clear that the political biased view is largely all we hear from the MSM -- "proof" of a change of "Climate" will involve warming going on for 100's of years ... like half a millennium or more as it it did in the Medieval Warming Period, and followed by a less long and cool cooling period than the Little Ice Age following it.

Sometime about 3000 AD, our climate science ought to be getting close to being more scientific and less political.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

BO Regressivism

Obama and the State of Progressivism, 2011 | Hoover Institution

A rather long but worthy discussion on the past and current thinking in "progressivism" -- or as I like to refer to it, "regressivism". If allowed to proceed, the "progressive" agenda will make us Serfs as before the enlightenment, only this time it will be to a set of Harvard elites and their Union Boss cronies. It is definitely worth breaking out the firearms before kneeling to the modern would-be "rulers"!

This little quote from an older progressive (Croly) pretty much sums up the folks who Thomas Sowell calls "The Annointed":
“the average American individual is morally and intellectually inadequate to a serious and consistent conception of his responsibilities as a democrat”
Got that? Democracy would be great, but the people are too stupid! Therefore, we have to use the courts and subterfuge to FORCE them to do what they really would do if they could just be as smart as the elite! We poor gun clinging religious red state country bumpkins need the likes of his most brilliant eminece, the ever pungent BO to light our way!!


"The Rise and Demise of the British World Order and the Lessons for Global Power" by Nial Ferguson.

Dr Ferguson remains one of my current favorite living historians and this book does not disappoint -- me at least. I suspect that many would find it "a bit dry".

I was very interested in the question of "why Britain"? relative to the creation of the huge empire. The key answers seem to be:
  • A flexible rule of law -- The big picture principles of freedom and civil society were followed and bequeathed in the main, but significant detours, up to effectively condoning piracy early on, were important to success. "Do the right thing as quickly as you can" might be a reasonable motto for the Empire. 
  • The willingness to colonize -- which meant that a reasonable number of English pulled up roots and left home, often forever, in order to be the backbone of a world wide civil service.
  • Timing -- Spain had pretty much sewed up the "plums", England got stuck with some "poorer colonies", North America at that point being particularly bad. Therefore, rather than just move in and plunder, the English needed to make something out of what they found -- which involved colonization, application of technology, management, global finance, trade, etc. They got rather good at it -- the Spanish just got good at walking in and taking anything that looked like gold. 
The devastating effects of the Maxim automatic weapons on African tribesman and Mideast Dervishes was something that I was not aware of. I think Ferguson does an excellent job of telling the truth, but is very careful to put things in context -- sudden and younger death from many causes including violent ones was a much more common situation then. Does this "excuse the slaughter"? No, but it didn't happen in a vacum either. It is quite interesting to me how the name "Rhodes" as in "Rhodes Scholar" is still considered positively, yet Cecil Rhodes was about as ruthless as anyone could be in the killing of native peoples and the taking of land, diamond and gold mines, and anything else that suited his fancy. He was "an imperialists imperialist", but there is little attempt to besmirch his name AFAIK unlike say "The Robber Barons" on the US, which did MUCH less damage (and far more good)  at about the same time in history.

In talking about the good effects on world GDP, advancement of countries and rule of law, this little list of positive elements for growth and development could bear reading by many folks in our own government:
  1. Secure rights of private property (encourage saving and investment)
  2. Secure rights of personal liberty (against tyranny, crime and corruption)
  3. Enforce contract rights.
  4. Stable Government (publicly known in advance rules --- HELLOOOOO ???)
  5. Responsive Government
  6. Honest Government (no rents for favor or position ... again??? BO???) 
  7. Moderate, efficient, non-greedy government (hold taxes down, reduce governments claim on surplus)
Many interesting personalities and events are discussed during the course of the book, but one of the things I like about Nial is his capacity to link the elements together into a unified whole that is more understandable having read the book.

Basically, Britain created the first case of "globalization" through Empire. While it had problems, it was a civilizing factor on the globe and made the world better for many many people, not just the British. WWI and WWII destroyed that version of globalization and Britain essentially traded her Empire in order to fight the tyrannical Empire building attempts of Germany and Japan.

Today the US is the sole remaining superpower, but we don't really do "Empire" -- what this means is that without colonization or some other form that replaces it in securing investment in the undeveloped world, the gap between the haves and have nots gets bigger and the risks of conflict between the "integrated" and "non-integrated" gets larger, as in 9-11.

A very worthy, but somewhat difficult read.

The Conservative Scrooge Myth

Liberals Give 'Til It Hurts (You) - Ann Coulter - Townhall Conservative

Liberals hate Ann Coulter, but she is kinder and gentler than Al Franken (she never called anyone a "butt boy"), and she has the good grace to not be a US Senator.

Anyone with a sense of humor is really going to like this column -- but since a sense of humor involves being able to not take yourself too seriously, I've never met a liberal that had one. The column points out the obvious that has been covered in study after study and would be very easy for the MSM to cover if they wished, since many candidates have to make their tax records public. The MSM loves any hint of hypocrisy from any Christian, but if your religion is liberalism? Go ahead and just transfer OTHER peoples money to your favorite voting blocks and call that "caring" while personally making Scrooge seem like a philanthropist!

My favorite teaser quote ... but there are a number of good ones:
In 2005, Vice President Cheney gave 77 percent of his income to charity. He also shot a lawyer in the face, which I think should count for something.

2010 Political Meaning

RealClearPolitics - The Year That Humbled the DC Establishment


Good short read, good set of links to predictions from the MSM that fell on hard times.


Saturday, January 01, 2011

Ishmael, By Daniel Quinn

Another of the many attempts to come up with some sort of new mythology that replaces thousands of years of western spiritual and philosophical life with a pagan pseudo-religious view of the universe and mans place in it.

In this story a man answers an ad in a newspaper by a "teacher" looking for a "student" that has a desire to "change the world". It turns out the teacher is a telepathic gorilla named "Ishmael", and the "lesson" is that "Mother Culture" (Western Culture) was created by "the takers" and is a planet and life destroying disaster. 

The world is divided into two; those that divide the world in two, and those who don't (little joke). "Leavers" ... essentially "hunter gatherers" and all the other animal species on the planet, and "Takers", farmers and the entire culture that was created because of people living in a fixed place, raising surplus crops so time could be spent on thought and technology.

Some of the random thoughts from the book:
  • The planet is being "destroyed", but maybe the end result will just be that man will be destroyed. The point is "we have no choice" -- getting rid of these "takers" is an emergency!
  • There ARE some sort of "rules" ... the book postulates "gods" that set them up. The pinnacle of "success" according to these "rules" is held out as the American Indian. 
  • Leavers / Hunter Gathers good ... Takers / Farmers bad ... and of course the "mark of Cain" is the "maggot colored white man". 
  • Man has no "original sin", it is the "taker culture" that is responsible for all ill. Yet another version of the "Noble Savage" myth.
  • "We all live in a prison" -- returning to some version of "leaver culture" will repair all ills. Our "culture" creates the "fish not knowing about being wet" problem  (I suspect a little time spent in the woods with a loincloth eating grubs might make the "leaver culture" slightly less desirable) 
  • Naturally, the distribution of wealth and power in "the prison" is unjust in the extreme ... and again, the problem is those nasty white males. 
That covers most of the main points.

What amazes me about books like this is how completely common they are and how much their basic world views are IDENTICAL ( here is a Thom Hartman ... anything by him is about the same). The view is essentially:
  1. Some version of a "Nobel Savage" myth ... "return to nature and all is good". 
  2. No need for God -- either this is all there is, or the next life is cool with whatever you do here ... maybe unless you like work hard and create things or something evil like that. 
  3. Everything is currently screwed up, but it is "the fault" of "western culture, white men, corporations, money, technology or ... "something"". It can be "fixed" by throwing away pretty much all of current culture, taking off our clothes and having some sort of back to nature free love thing. 
  4. "Somehow" ... if we just tear down what is, things will get really really good -- "trust us". 
BO actually summarized it pretty well -- "Hope and Change" don't ya know!

What is clear to me is that man has a "Christ shaped hole", and once Christ is rejected he is prone to believe in just about anything -- however it always ends up having a "shape" that pretty much looks like Lucifer for some reason -- maybe in an ape suit, maybe a cute lass with some minimal fern trim, or maybe just looking like a snake peddling an apple.

The road to Hell has never been hard to find!