Sunday, January 30, 2011


Obama wants to 'Win the future.' (That slogan may not help.)

You know, "Moral Equivalent of War" -- Jimmuh Carter, 1977.

At least ONE MSM outlet seems willing to mention that the great BO might not be quite up to super genius standards on deep thought relative to sloganeering, and so sadly (for the left), the assumed brain damaged from birth Sarah Palin pointed it out. Even the "Wisconsin Tourism Federation" was finally forced to realize that in these days of the WWW, Twitter and youth evolved with quad thumbs, the acronym rules.

The article didn't cover them all, or provide the appropriate derision for the Republican attempts. "WIN" was treated with unimaginable disdain in the '70s. Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No" was hammered without mercy. Remember "A Thousand Points of Light"? or how about "A Kinder Gentler" conservatism / Republican party? As if the party of the Constitution vs the party of Cronies and ACORN Crime was somehow going to be helpful through unilateral surrender.

One more example of how sadly we miss at least half the humor in the world by the knee jerk reaction of the MSM and especially the entertainment industry to somehow take Democrats more seriously.

The universe is just too good though -- it is HARD to beat "WTF" for BO and "MEOW" for Jimmuh!

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