Thursday, February 17, 2011

Anti Union, Anti Wealth? Take a Powder?

Thousands protest anti-union bill in Wisconsin | Minnesota Public Radio News
MADISON, Wis. (AP) - Thousands of teachers, prison guards and students descended on the Wisconsin Capitol for a second day Wednesday to fight a move to take union rights away from government workers in the state that first granted them more than a half-century ago.
Gee, the first guy that started hammering JD in the AM in college may have been one of the first that "quit" as well -- either because he was dead, or his liver was. It is a SURPRISE that the state that first got the stupid idea of having public employee unions might be the first to quit them? Duh.

Let's see, we need unions to counteract the "greed" of business owners and large corporations? But wait, isn't this government "of, by, and for THE PEOPLE???" -- if THE PEOPLE can't be trusted to treat their employees reasonably, then who can we trust? Isn't it just a TINY bit disengeuous to take sick days AND drag the students you are supposed to be teaching along so you can protest the potential end to your yearly shakedown of the rest of your neighbors? I guess we need one more lesson entitlement and corruption are without limit, while resources ALWAYS have limits!

Oh, BTW, here in MN we have Gov Mark Dayton wanting to raise taxes on the "wealthy" to the highest levels in the nation. If the measure in WI attempting to gain control of the budget is "anti-union", why would the MSM not cover the Dayton proposal as "anti-wealth"? It certainly IS anti-wealth, and it is much more likely to harm everyone in the the state of MN than hiring, firing and paying teachers on the basis of credentials, capability and results rather than the universal union techniques of payola for those who support you (Democrats), fleecing your marks (the public) and getting your salary and job security on "time and grade".

Now we discover that the Democrats in the Senate have fled the state to avoid a vote on the issue! Holed up somewhere in N IL, Land of BO and Bears that still suck! This wasn't supposed to be Greece, Italy or France YET -- but it appears that we may be much farther down the road to serfdom than most were aware!

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