Wednesday, March 30, 2011

BO Against Raising Debt Limit!

Marco Rubio: Why I Won't Vote to Raise the Debt Limit -

"Raising America's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure." So said then-Sen. Obama in 2006, when he voted against raising the debt ceiling by less than $800 billion to a new limit of $8.965 trillion. As America's debt now approaches its current $14.29 trillion limit, we are witnessing leadership failure of epic proportions.

Oh wait, that was in '06, the "epic" hadn't got going yet ... he was going to close Gitmo, thought any use of US forces against mideast dictators was bad (oh, he had more bombastic words than that, but the idea was the same), and thought "transparency" was important. Oops ... different guy, but he is a Democrat, so the MSM seems to find it all OK ."whatever"

It is time for the rest of us to get out of the race to destruction -- good column by Rubio, NOW is the time to turn the debt corner!


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