Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Looking In The Lockbox

Charles Krauthammer: It’s still an empty lockbox - Orange County Register

Very sad that this sort of column is still neccesary, but it is. I just heard some "learned analyst" give solemn assurances that "Social Security Is Solvent through 2037", followed by denigration of those that think otherwise as being either "wrong or lying". The fact that this is even a discussion that can be had at all, let alone on something like NPR that keeps wanting to claim it is reality based, is as absurd as them giving a statement that the earth is flat as being obvious, while presenting the "other side" of their "balanced reporting" as being those poor round earthers that clearly don't know what they are saying.

We ought to be VERY thankful that the $2.6 Trillion sitting in the "lockbox" is just paper -- if we really had to pay it, our chances of eventual recovery from the FICA Ponzi scheme would be at least $2.6 Trillion smaller than the tiny chance we have at this point.

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