Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Remember Gitmo?

Obama restarts Guantanamo trials - Yahoo! News

Remember when having Gitmo open was a horrible stain on the US? Remember when military tribunals were a HORRIBLE idea?-- even though FDR and others had used them? Well, we now have proof that Gitmo nor military tribunals ever really were a problem to the MSM/Democrats/left -- both of them were merely ways to harp on a subject and help to lower the popularity of Bush and Republicians in general. Why in the world do Democrats even have to spend a dime on political campaigns when they have the MSM working for them 24x7?

I really don't even understand the kind of mind that makes something like Gitmo/tribunals a major issue, and then is completely unconcerned about it when their party takes power. If there was ANY shred of interest in these items as a issue, they would have to be an issue under BO as well as under W, but it is absolutely clear they are not. Nobody in the MSM / Democrats / left cares one whit if BO ever gets Gitmo closed, nor that he as returned to using military tribunals. The only explanation that works for me is that it is TOTALLY "politics and power above ALL else" -- prosperity, security, freedom, character, truth ... nothing else matters!! There is NOTHING more sacred than "politics and power" -- but I just don't get it. To me, it is ONLY the principles/values that matter --  politics and power are ONLY a MEANS to hopefully move us toward more/better freedom, security, prosperity ... and to LESS poltics and power, because individuals have more liberty and responsiblility, so the government can have LESS!


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