Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Budget is Least of Our Problems

RealClearPolitics - 'Coming Apart at the Seams'

Sadly, the accelerating leftward slide of America that dominated the 20th century has left us morally as well as economically bankrupt.

These trends mean, just as it is suffering economically, the working class is getting cut off from the richest sources of social capital: marriage, two-parent families, and church-going. More people are falling into a lower class characterized by men who can't make a minimal living and single women with children. Murray argues that America can maintain its national power even if these trends continue. With a growing lower class "increasingly unsuited for citizenry in a free society," though, it will no longer be the country we once knew.
Marriage, Family, Church, Community, Thrift, Delayed Gratification, Personal Responsibility, Maturity, a sense of culture in history (American Exceptionalism), ability to support factually and argue positions with civility .... the list is endless. All squandered without very much of a fight at over decades of statist/leftist/progressive attack.

The CAUSES of American decline are these, and have NOTHING to do with "global competition" or "concentration of wealth". Those bogymen are just excuses from the left for the destruction they have created. Blacks in this country were in better shape in every way -- economically, crime rate, divorce rate, illegitimate birth rate, church attendance, etc, etc BEFORE the mid '60s. Then the "great society" took hold with government replacing god, dad, and personal responsibility, and the black culture fell.

Government is a racially blind destroyer. The destruction of the white American culture is now WELL under way as this article shows. Remove religion as a source of morality (and in fact, make it a sign of "bigotry" as in "gay rights"), encourage children out of wedlock and in single families, promote dependency or the federal government for every phase of life ... creating the idea that being responsible for yourself isn't even a reasonable goal. All of life supposedly requires government involvement. 

and so we reap.

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