Monday, April 11, 2011

Budgets, Deficits and Blame

CORRECTED-U.S. fiscal 2007 budget deficit falls to $163 bln | Reuters

Bush/Republicans actual 2007 deficit was $163 Billion. When Democrats run on "change", you can REALLY believe it!

As I'm sure some Democrats and MSM folks are noticing now, the budget of the US Government is the responsibility of CONGRESS, meaning that it has to pass THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES!!! It is true that the President ultimately SIGNS the budget, but the way the MSM works in this country, that has some special meaning:

When a Republican is President, as in Bush 1, and the Congress is Democrat, when President fails to sign a budget and the government shuts down, it is HIS FAULT!! (see 1990 shutdown).

When a Democrat is President, as in Clinton, and the congress is Republican, when the President fails to sign the budget and the government shuts down it is CONGRESS'S FAULT!! (see 1995 shutdown)

So a couple minor points:

1). '07 was really the last Republican budget. While Bush was there in '08, he was the lamest of lame ducks with Nancy and Harry proudly in charge of our nations budget., Bush's only choice would have been to "cause a government shutdown" on top of the explosion of 30 years of Democrat bad loans through Fannie and Freddie killing the markets. Thanks Nancy and Harry! With a belated tip o' the hat to Jimmuh Carter, whose folks thought up the entire brilliant idea of sub-prime mortgages. Where would this country be without Democrats?

2). Stay tuned for the potential of a shutdown, the rules are it will be the "Republican's fault" ... meaning Congress this time. I've leave it to you to figure out WHY that is the rule.

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