Saturday, April 09, 2011

Caring Enough to Write a Bad Check

Paul Ryan Says Democrats Flee 'Adult Conversation' on Budget - HUMAN EVENTS

I'm really concerned about seniors and children, that is why I ought to care enough to write bad checks for both on the kids future checkbooks. One has to ether be a Democrat or an MSM reporter to see that as "caring". But wait, that is not enough -- I need to denigrate those who are trying to make reforms to allow the most vulnerable to actually have a safety net, and while they are doing it on the backs of those that HAVE saved and are able to shoulder more responsibility for their own future retirement by pushing for means testing! The left is denigrating Ryan for working to lead people that are largely in his own voting block -- those who HAVE saved, worked longer, selected a job with a pension, etc so they CAN survive without their whole FICA payment. That still isn't good enough for the left -- they would rather destroy the whole system than admit that what they created is unsustainable, even though it most clearly is.

Why can this country not make progress? I see it as pretty simple:
  • Everyone has an ideology, it is just that one side doesn't realize it. How can a human with a brain stand up and say "Republicans are holding the budget hostage for ideological reasons by trying to cut abortion funding in the budget"! Huh? If you have no ideology, then simply allow the cuts!!!!! BOTH SIDES, and even those that claim to have "no sides" have an ideology. We all do, it is called being human. Our MSM and the Democrats REGULARLY stand up and make as much sense as Clevon Little does in "Blazing Saddles", when facing the lynch mob, pulls out is own gun, points at his head and says "Nobody move or the N**R gets it!!!". Only thing is that our current situation isn't funny.
  • Our "sense of history" is now reduced to less than a year. Why are we facing a "budget crisis"? Because BO, Nancy and Harry with large majorities in both houses didn't pass a budget for Sept 10 - Sept 11!!! Our MSM is so bad that only the relatively few that REALLY keep up with a broad media spectrum are even aware of this. Democrats are so confident in general MSM support that they even complain about "Republicans being slow to pass a budget", or "having to provide adult supervision". Huh??? They completely abdicated a basic responsibility of government last year because they were worried about showing their cards on spending and taking responsibility in an election year, and NOW that there ARE some adults working to get the job done, they spend all their time in obstruction and name calling. Meanwhile, a majority of Americans are so duped that they believe this situation is "the Republicans fault". Heeellllooo?????? 
Our situation is desperate. It is way past time to roll up our sleeves and realize that we have to get past rhetoric, look closely at what it is that we truly value, and GET BUSY!!!! Get competitive, get frugal, get responsible, get educated, get down to business, and most of all GET REAL!!! Nobody is going to solve our problem for us. There is no big pot of "the wealthy" that can bail us out. Even our supposed bail outs are largely just printed cash that is nothing but inflation.

Ryan is the best mind to show up on this in a very long time. Is he perfect? -- hell no, but it is high time that we realized that there is no such thing as "savior leadership" in this mortal vale of tears, and learn to work hard with the best leaders we have available. BO and the Democrats have been the biggest failure in US history, take a nice cold look at it and get over it!! Ryan and others like him are the way forward and we had better start getting majorities at the 70-80% of Americans to understand that, support it even when the going is tough, and stand up to the kinds of overheated rhetoric with no solutions we are hearing from the left!!!

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