Sunday, April 03, 2011

Liberal Libyan Clairity

There’s A Clear Logic Behind Obama’s Libya Strategy—but That Doesn’t Mean It Will Succeed. | The New Republic

One of the great things that Democrat presidents have going for them is a lapdog media that will go to any length to create "strategy" out of randomness:

Put simply, Obama’s Libya strategy is designed to avoid the most undesirable outcomes rather than optimize the chances of a desired outcome, to do something without “owning” the conflict, to maintain maximum flexibility as the situation evolves, and to do all of this in the face of powerful constraints.

There you have it. I'd argue that "Have your cake and eat it too" is neither new, or  "strategy". It is identical to the Stimulus and "saved or created". For those that are terminally MSM addicted, or just gullible at heart, this is how it works ... BO Claims:
  1. I took action
  2. The situation would have been worse I hadn't taken action. Exactly like "saved or created" or the stimulus in general. BUT, while you can see that "I took action", there is no way to check my figures on "saved or created" or my "flexible outcomes" in Libya.
  3. I'm brilliant because I did EXACTLY THE RIGHT THING given ALL THE FACTS (many of which I may not share with you) ... no matter what the outcome turns out to be!!
  4. If it doesn't SEEM brilliant to you, see "I didn't OWN the conflict" and "powerful constraints".
One can easily apply this to anything if you have a supportive media and good set of pliant supporters -- but it you don't, it looks like what it is. Attempting to play both sides of the street only to your favor with no concern over what the actual outcome is, and no accountability for it. Great work if you can get it, but no CEO, sports team manager, or even husband working on a honey-do list can get that work. Imagine this response to a plugged toilet in the basement that remains plugged :
  • I got the plunger and shut off the water ( action, could have been worse if not taken)
  • I told the kid to plunge it (I'm no longer responsible)
  • Plumbers are expensive (constraints) 
  • Nuff said!!
So, here we see that BO isn't the kind of guy you would hire to unstop your toilet, why would anyone hire him as president, and then have a whole media try to claim this is a "strategy"???

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