Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Mother of Truth

Inside the GOP's Fact-Free Nation | Mother Jones:

When one sees "Fact Free" and "Mother Jones" in close juxtaposition, one can be certain that a fact free screed is at hand. Anyone that has spent a couple of hours trying to get a basic flavor of rhetoric or epistemology will understand that "facts" are a rare thing indeed. There are mathematical and philosophic / logical facts -- like "red is red", but there are no scientific or political facts. In science they are all hypothesis, some reproduced by experiment many times, so outside the danger of inductive weakness, "assumed factual" -- others (and usually the ones held most dear by non-scientists) are not provable and in some cases, not even falsifiable (global warming and evolution would fall in those camps).

In all human camps, what passes for "knowledge" and "fact" is often more akin to a bedtime story than hard cold fact. Go to the neighboring tribe where the bedtime stories are different, and the "facts" are different as well. Such is the case with both the liberal and the conservative tribes, but apparently those smoking the peace pipe around the liberal campfire have forgotten the limits of their own mythology.

The article does do a great job of a short and amazingly honest appraisal of a core liberal myth:

"Jimmy Carter, the peanut farmer from Plains, swooped in from nowhere to take the White House on the strength of the modest slogan 'I'll never lie to you.' And during his presidency, one of the grand, founding lies of western civilization itself—that there need be no limits to humans' domination of the Earth—was questioned as never before.

The truth hurt, but the incredible thing was that the citizenry seemed willing to bear the pain. All sorts of American institutions—Congress, municipal governments, even the intelligence community (the daring honesty of CIA Director William Colby about past agency sins was what helped fuel the Church and Pike investigations)—launched searching reconstructions of their normal ways of doing business. Alongside all the disco, the kidnapped heiresses, and the macramé, another keynote of 1970s culture was something quite more mature: a willingness to acknowledge that America might no longer be invincible, and that any realistic assessment of how we could prosper and thrive in the future had to reckon with that hard-won lesson.

Then along came Reagan."

In the dim and distant past, long before there was any evidence  like modern medicine, spaceflight, nuclear power, or the pop top beer can, God declared man to have "dominion over the earth". Cain, being the first liberal, was unhappy, but it was a long time -- in fact until the 1970's as documented above, before liberalism reached the pinnacle of having Jimmuh Carter tell God he was wrong.

Jimmuh Carter, slayer of bunnies and architect of the "Jimmy Carter Desert Classic" attempt to rescue the hostages in Iran, as well as the ever popular "Rose Garden" political strategy. He was a one term abortion of a president, but he was smarter than God on the truth of man's position -- but then all liberals are very certain they are smarter than God.

Now, while Carter was truth, beauty and victory -- for mother earth and the less fortunate of the planet, Reagan was satan. It is all clear ... in a liberal sort of way, including the final paragraph.

Sure, there will always be liars in positions of influence—that's stipulated, as the lawyers say. And the media, God knows, have never been ideal watchdogs—the battleships that crossed the seas to avenge the sinking of the Maine attest to that. What's new is the way the liars and their enablers now work hand in glove. That I call a mendocracy, and it is the regime that governs us now.

Got that? The man asserted by the left to be the greatest president in US history sits in the White House. Harry Reid sits as majority leader of the US Senate, BUT, we are governed by a "mendocracy"! Why? I guess because Republicans have the house and Fox news is still on the air. Please, recognize once and for all that "liberal truth", it is the kind that can only reign without opposition.

Understand that the objective of liberalism is as stated above -- the destruction of the US and the return of mankind to a pre-Genesis "mother earth centric" model. They are convinced they know the only "facts" that matter, THEIR FACTS!! They are perfectly convinced, and very willing to force their "only correct view" on the world at the point of a gun, in the gulag, in the gas chamber, via starvation, infanticide (China today), or by any other means they are able to wield. Because, they are CERTAIN they are right!!!

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