Thursday, April 07, 2011

Why SOME Liberals Believe

Power Line - The Times Retracts

The ruse is simple, you make something up out of very close to whole cloth "The Koch Brothers Contributed $80K to a campaign". It gets "reported" then repeated. This DOES happen on both sides, but the difference is that the NYTs doesn't generally end up reporting the right wing versions as "facts of record" with retractions deeply buried in misleading ways some days later.

People that only follow NYT, NBC, CNN, CBS, NPR, etc believe, and they believe it when they hear that Fox, right wing bloggers are "just a bunch of liars". Their media sources support each other -- and a certain world view. Since they know no other view, they feel justified.

It is actually quite difficult to look at both sides, be able to argue both sides, and come to conclusions based on a broad view, but if we are a nation that wants to continue to have "democratic" in our Republic, then isn't it a responsibility ?? If enough people demand that BOTH SIDES of the media learn to operate in a fact based, non-partisan manner, then maybe the time could come again when we could LEGITIMATELY trust a one or two sources for all our news and know that we were getting information rather than propoganda!

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