Monday, May 02, 2011

Moral Ambiguity

How the U.S. found and finished Bin Laden - The Washington Post

Some of the detainees who confirmed the courier’s nickname were subjected to “enhanced interrogation techniques,” the CIA’s formal name for what is now widely viewed as torture. This adds a moral ambiguity to a story that is otherwise one of triumphal retribution and justice.

Ah, "moral ambiguity". I thought we 1oo% knew that "enhanced interrogation techniques" were always ineffective? In fact, rather than "widely viewed as torture", we have been told they ARE torture. We tend to NOT be told that every one of those Seal team members have been "waterboarded" as part of their training. Do we "torture" our own troops?

One might say there is a certain "moral ambiguity" in reporters, Democratic congresswomen and others that very firmly said one thing on Gitmo, waterboarding, and the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Libya when W was in office, but are now quite sanguine about it all with BO in the WH!

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