Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Ex-Gay Friend -

My Ex-Gay Friend -

Very interesting read, kudos to the NYTs for publishing.  Can Gay's change? Pretty interesting that we would like to think that pretty much any other human behavior is potentially changeable through willpower, faith, psychology, training, rewards/sanctions, motivation, etc, etc ... why not same sex attraction? Can a serial womanizer ever reform? Could Tiger, Bill Clinton, Arnold or Weiner ever reform and settle down?

Which sounds like the more natural evolutionary development? A strong attraction to the opposite sex or a strong attraction to the same sex. Evolutionary experts tell us that "the selfish gene" ONLY cares about being passed on through offspring ... meaning that same sex attraction would be???

America used to be the land that believed in starting over, self-creation, redemption, the new world and the new life ... Gatsby was a model, you could become whomever you wanted in America.

Maybe it is remotely possible you could lose interest in the same sex??

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