Saturday, June 11, 2011

Republican Tendencies

E-mails show GOP circling Palin in late 2008 -

The MSM is panting and salivating like a starved dog in a butcher shop over the release of Palin e-mails. Let's just review a bit here:

  • When Wikileaks brought out the State Department e-mails / memos showing the "real views" on various world leaders, how did they like that? They tried to arrest the guy.
  • When hackers got the real climate data records that showed that a lot of Global Warming was a hoax, how did they like that? They tried to arrest the hackers. 
  • What was their attitude on getting BO's birth certificate? Columbia or other school records? Information about his time at ACORN? Maybe his e-mails of early Chicago politics would be interesting? Guess not -- I could imagine the Press being curious, but curiosity this selective makes them essentially a palace guard for Democrats. 
  • What is the normal position on "invasion of privacy"? 
It is easy to understand of course. They HATE Sarah Palin, and want her out of their sight anyway they can make that happen.

 I always wonder though, if people are born with "Republican tendencies"? Even though all their teachers and classmates are liberal, they somehow see things differently.  They see how Republicans are treated in the media, and the first few times they make comments in maybe history or government class about "personal responsibility", or potentially "how do we KNOW what is really "progress"", the strong disapproval let's them know they are "different"?

I guess it must be true though that being a Republican is a choice --  some day in maybe HS or College Sarah woke up, knowing the way things ought to be and "went Rogue" -- she willfully chose evil over good and thus began on the path of enmity with the American media and elites.

There is hope of redemption though. Look at Arianna Huffington. She had a short stint as a conservative commentator in the early '90s during which she was seen as a complete air headed idiot by the left. She subsequently "went left", and is now viewed as one of the most brilliant women in the world, taking in $315 Million on the sale of her Huffington Post far left web site.

So while some things about humans are innate, others can be put on and off like fashions. It is a good thing we have the liberal elites to tell us which are which!

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