Monday, June 27, 2011

When Will We STAND UP!!!

TSA stands by officers after pat-down of elderly woman in Florida -

If we want government "by and for the people", eventually we have to stand up and be heard!!!! Political Correctness and no profiling have ALWAYS been completely ridiculous and antithetical to a free people. Are some terms offensive? Sure, but not as offensive as making them "hate speech". Can profiling run amuck? Sure, but obviously so can NOT profiling!!! The only difference is that not profiling makes everyone subject to the idiotic whims of the state and it's jackbooted thugs.

90 year old women and 6 year old kids. Old America had the right idea ... tar and feather these TSA thugs and run them out of town on a rail! or put them in stocks in the center of town and leave them stand for a few days and see how smart they look.

When We The People allow INSANITY to become the order of the day, it means that we no longer have the capacity to govern ourselves. BO, the size of the deficits, not drilling but opening the strategic reserve for political purposes, the head of the ATF running guns to Mexico, TSA Abuses ... the list just goes on forever.


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