Thursday, July 14, 2011

BO Lies About Mother?

Book Challenges Obama on Mother’s Health Care Fight -

I certainly hope that I'm never the family member of a major Democrat candidate -- they seem to be completely unable to avoid making use of family members for maudlin stories. Gore was a master -- his son, his sister, probably the gerbil he had as a kid for all I know. Edwards could almost make you sorry you didn't feel sorry for him or his kid, wife, etc -- of course it never made him sorry enough to stop boffing some staffer after his teary theatric performance.

I know, I know ... if you are using someone as a stage prop, it is a tiny step to just making it up out of whole cloth. But your mother? on her death bed? If you are willing to lie about that, it is really really hard to imagine where you would draw the line.

I guess nowhere ... and maybe, just maybe that is even enough to give the NYTs just tiny pause to have the supposed "leader" (pouter?) of the free world making up self serving stories about his own mother on her death bed?

Nah, Pinch must have just been drunk and let it slip through -- I really can't believe that the NYT has a conscience at this late date.

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