Friday, July 22, 2011

Drowning In BO

Reality Time by Andrew Klavan - City Journal
It may, on the one hand, be the tactic of second-rung celebrities desperate for more attention, but it may at the same time represent the dismay of yet another generation of leftists waking from yet another utopian daydream to find themselves in a disaster of their own making.
I remember their weird realization on Jimmy Carter, and their weirder hope that "Senator drown your sorrows"  (Teddy) would come to the rescue. Rescue!?  The cruelty of associating the murderer of Mary Joe Kopechne with "rescue" exceeds only the stupidity of same.

The left currently likes the analogy of "Republicans wanting a government so small you could drown it in a bathtub". Thinking that Teddy -- or BO are your "saviour" must mean you want a government so lost it might call it's own bluff, drive off a bridge, and drown itself. It would be OK if we weren't all along for the ride.

This time, the lefties just seem to be getting angrier and angrier at reality and reality based politics.

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