Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Change" Now "Crazy"

The Republican Crazy Is Not An Act | The New Republic

What a difference 3 years makes. In '08, "Change" was a brilliant mantra. Well, we got that change -- which BTW I and a lot of conserviatives thought was "crazy". What did we get? Long-term 9%+ unemployment after we spent a Trillion dollars we were told would prevent unemployment from rising above 8%. BOcare which is a giant tax increase on top of waves of uncertainly that kills especially small business. Less and less oil production and not surprisingly  rising gas prices, plus general inflation starting with food. Home prices that continue in decline. A new undeclared war -- only this time, with a violation of the war powers act. At least we didn't get much of the change that BO actually promised -- Gitmo is still open, the Patriot Act is still in force, and Terrorists are being tried by military tribunals. It is just that those things are OK with the liberals and media now that their guy is doing them.

Trying to balance a budget though? "CRAZY!!!!". How in the heck are we still talking about "Bush Era Tax Cuts" after the Democrats held both houses of congress for 4 years and the WH for two of those?? Do you remember any sort of budget battle in '07 over raising taxes when the the Democrats were in charge of both houses and Bush was in the WH? Neither do I. In 2009, they owned all three branches -- they could have passed any tax policy they wanted -- Nada. In 2010, still owning both houses, they failed to pass a budget at all.

Now? The Republicans are CRAZY!! The world is all so simple when you are out in space to the left of it. 


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