Thursday, July 07, 2011

PROOF Government Must be Smaller!!

If other governors can be responsible, why can't ours? |

Good article. Republicans voted a 6% budget increase, Dayton wants 11%. Maybe we could just let everyone send in the % raise they got this year. Anything over 10 is a vote for the Dayton approach. Anything less is a vote for the Republican approach.

But on to my title. Dayton shut down Canerbury and the Lottery. Those PRODUCE Revenue!! Doesn't anyone else see that this is INSANE!!! No corporation or non-profit would EVER do anything this stupid!! Why shut down things that bring in revenue?? There are really only two possible explanations:

1). You are stupid beyond belief
2). You are such a rank partisan power hack that you will cut off the states nose to spite it's face and don't care one whit for your constituents -- You ONLY care about raw political power and believe that your best shot at "winning" is to inflict as much pain as possible.

Given Mark Dayton, I'd be tempted to go with #1, but I strongly suspect that the Democrats in the state decided on #2 -- and they realize that Dayton meets criteria #1, so he went along with them.

There is no question anymore -- government has grown beyond any sense of reality, it MUST be reduced ... Republicans ought to submit him a new budget that is a Billion lower and just keep at it on a weekly basis until he signs.

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