Saturday, August 06, 2011

Bigotry Redefined

Stand up to Herman Cain’s bigotry - The Washington Post

The lefts hatred of any Black that leaves the thought plantation for diversity of thought is boundless. Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice, JC Watts, Allen West ... the list goes on. If you are Black and you refuse to follow the Democrat party line, we will take you down.

Is Robinson even serious here? How many lefties are anti-Christian, and is that EVER called "bigotry"? There are many reasons not to support a Cordova Masque and Ground Zero -- Islam has had a very long tradition of installing a "Victory Mosque" and the scenes of their great victories.

Is this one REALLY a Cordoba Mosque? I don't see how any westerner could know. It would be like being certain of the Vatican's intent.

If the religion in question is Christian though, the left's knee jerk is "freedom FROM religion" ... everyone has a right to be free from anything to do with CHRISTIANITY in their book ... but Islam? Apparently Islam is a "protected thing" like abortting babies, spending other folks money, and letting illegals vote.

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