Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A BO Biparticle

The most powerful man on Earth? - The Washington Post
Yet Obama plods along, raising gobs of cash for his reelection bid — he was scheduled to speak at two DNC fundraisers Monday night — and varying little the words he reads from the teleprompter. He seemed detached even from those words Monday as he pivoted his head from side to side, proclaiming that “our problems is not confidence in our credit” and turning his bipartisan fiscal commission into a “biparticle.”

Journalists are writers, to whiich the spoken word often sounds "tentative" or "ill formed". When one is thinking critically, as a journalist is always supposed to do, the little gaffs that are part of common speech grate on them. Especially for "the most powerful man in the world". Shouldn't such a person be "special" in areas that are near and dear to "our" (the journalists) hearts?
Typically, because they have some understanding of the world around them, they avoid nit picking public figures. It seems "ticky-tack". But once they take a dislike to a poltiician ... Nixon, Reagan, Quayle, and both HW and especially W Bush, "the gloves are off". It appears that even the lefty press like Milbank is getting a distinct whiff of BO.

I really think it is hard to beat "biparticle" as a name for a "bipartisan fiscal commission" ... it is really even better than W's "misunderestimated".

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