Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Progressives" **DO** Want a Revolution

What's next for Wisconsin progressives? - Wisconsin -

In case any of you doubt what the REAL regressive ("progressive") agenda in this country, see "Arab Spring". Oh you say "Progressives are liberal" ... uh, no, progressives are STATISTS ... their highest good is state control. Sharia Law is WAY better in their minds that Capitalism!!! Just like the Muslims, it is individual freedom and the potential for differential outcomes that they really can't stand in any case.

"Even activists on the ground in Wisconsin don't yet know if that will happen. For the rest of us, their decision either to press on or pack it in will speak volumes about where progressive organizing stands in America, a nation where too many protesters believe it's enough to turn up for a few rallies and then go home, even though the foundations for real mass movements (like Egypt's democracy uprising) are laid years before lasting change occurs.

Americans need such a movement, built on economic populism and the dream of shared prosperity. The question is: Are Wisconsin's progressives the first spark in that movement? Or is theirs a flare that is already flickering out?

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