Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WI Recall Fails

Report: GOP retains Wisconsin senate control in recall battle -

WAY too close! With the teachers off work and going door to door, plus the deep national union pockets spending like there was no tomorrow, this one was huge. If they had won control this would have been the top story for the rest of the week in the MSM with all sorts of "harbingers for the future" and "stinging defeat for the Tea Party" rhetoric.It would have been a big energizer for the Democrats and Unions.

As it is, they spent millions and lots of door to door time and failed ... all be it narrowly. It OUGHT to further energize Tea Party and Republicans, but we will have to come up with our own media buzz to do that because this version of the WI story will be a non-story in the MSM after today.




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