Friday, September 23, 2011

B0, A Value, Not a Scent

Return of the real Obama - The Washington Post:

As Charles quotes Goldwater at the end "A choice, not an echo".

The real B0 is back -- with the stench of complete re-distributive "spread the wealth around" at all costs, even a LOSS of revenue to the federal government.

Why? Because to liberals like BO "fairness" in some cosmic abstract sense that none of them can truly define, is of infinite value. "Fair is good", even if it impoverishes us all.

And it does. It is DIVERSITY that gives us life, vigor, excitement, hope, success, wealth. Tic Tac Toe becomes boring quickly, far too easy for all to be "equally good". DIFFERENTIAL ABILITY is the essence of humanity -- it is what makes us special. It was no accident at all that the once-greatest nation on earth allowed vast differences in wealth. It allowed vast differences in speaking, math, sports, and acting ability as well -- and compensated people accordingly.

Aaron Rodgers makes much more than 100x the salary of the worst active QB in the country -- probably on a sandlot near you this weekend. Aaron Rodgers makes millions, the worst QB makes ZERO.

Zero is strange, and I am very afraid of our ability to escape the clutches of B-ZERO before he multiplies our nation completely by zero.

40% of those that reported a million dollars in '08 have already gone missing. How many more "millionaires" have to be done away with before we realize that we are hurting ourselves most of all.

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