Wednesday, September 07, 2011


B Zero.Zero ... The Blutarski President (Animal House).

ZERO jobs created in August!!!

Three years ago "The One" was being hailed around the world and speaking in front of faux Grecian pillars to his adoring zombies. Now our nation sits stagnant, bankrupt and waiting for yet another teleprompter read from the former "One" oops, off by 1! ... now ZERO!

A worthy though depressing read. The Government doesn't create jobs, it destroys them. Unions don't create jobs, they destroy them. Handing out money to the poor, the unemployed, even the middle class neither creates wealth or jobs, it destroys both ... along with the drive to succeed.

One doesn't have to be "hard hearted" to say that all forms of assistance need to stop at some point for all but the most gravely needy -- the bird must leave the nest, the child the home, the student eventually graduate, and thus the unemployed eventually work -- even if at a lower wage. 

Our nation must get to work making something that can be sold at a profit and investing part of that profit as well as part of our time in "delayed gratification" so that the future is brighter than the past. It makes not one whit of difference how low the wages at the competing nations are -- they are what they are. Playing the hand one is dealt is the only way to keep playing, and at the game of survival, the choice is keep playing or DIE! 

Policies that incent that happening -- the best approximation possible of
zero taxes on investment, zero taxes on employing people, low and flat taxes on income, minimal Federal government doing little more than defense and interstate commerce, minimal FEDERAL government regulation of all kinds. Government needs to be in the business of ENABLING  business, invention and GROWTH -- not burdening it!

It really is simple, and BO is simply a failure.

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