Wednesday, September 14, 2011

BO Jobs Speech—an Early Draft

Jenkins: Obama's Jobs Speech—an Early Draft -

This might have worked!!

Elections have consequences. We mastered the use of slogans and imagery and won the presidency. Now the power is ours to choose our agenda, and we chose not to be distracted by matters that arise—say, the country's economic crisis. We chose instead to pursue the things that we know should be pursued.
Precisely!! BO has been driving while looking at the map of what what he wanted to do rather than looking at what was happening around him!!!
I am not anti-business. I get a supreme sense of satisfaction when business leaders approach me and, in a deferential manner, ask for subsidies and regulatory favors that will determine whether their companies succeed or fail. Like solar subsidies. This is the kind of job creation I'm interested in.
Well said!!

The article is short, WELL worth the read!

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