Monday, September 05, 2011

BO Punishes Gibson Chicago Style

I know, this breaks the maxim "Never assert malice when stupidity can account for it". I really can't believe that an administration that is already overstressed pursuing the likes of Boeing for trying to create non-union jobs would be so stupid to be prosecuting small but well known AMERICAN companies on the dubius grounds that they may have gotten a few scraps of some wood that China uses by the boat load.

OTOH, this is classic Chicago politics -- punish your enemies and reward your friends with pork and patronage. It is the old Democrat machine standard operation, one that is still rampant in Chicago, and I fear also in the WH.

Please tell me that at least a few Democrats are starting to understand "uncertainty" under BO??

The case is much like our cats playing with a mouse claiming "he appears to have died from uncertainty" as they watch for any sign of movement and then pounce when they see it.

"Regulation and taxes delayed" are in many ways worse than in place -- **IF** one could assume; "we took that hit, now we just need to deal with it" it would be more palatable,  but an administration sitting and waiting for any sign of improvement and all ready and waiting to pounce when they see, or imagine that they see it is simply too much!!

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