Sunday, September 18, 2011

Broken and Brilliant

Egghead and Blockheads -

Being one of the party of the elite and writing for the Gray Lady makes one so confident in their capacities that mere reality must seem like an old western.

BO isn't just "bad with a gun" ... if the gun metaphor counts "leadership / executive capability" ... he had NO EXPERIENCE leading ANYTHING coming into what used to be the most powerful country in the world -- now a wholly owned subsidiary of China. Not even John Wayne could shoot from behind the barn to bail him out.

I'd much rather have Chuck Yeager in command of my aircraft than Einstein ... EXPERIENCE, and aptitude to a complex job is WAY more important than "grades". The relationship between organic chem and leadership is precisely zero -- you can hire a competent organic chemist anywhere. To not understand that is "stupid" at a level so much more important than mere grades it makes one feel sorry for Maureen.
Perry told the students, “God uses broken people to reach a broken world.” What does that even mean?
Uh, to over 50% of Americans who have some contact with religion yet, it means We all are broken in need of redemption, and God uses people redeemed through his son to reach the rest of the people that may not know they have a problem, nor that there is a solution". Knowing that would have once been of much greater import in America than ones grades in organic chem, or being a columnist at the NYT. To many of us it still is, and it is simply sad that someone bragging about their brilliance doesn't even understand it. I'm betting EVERYONE at Liberty understood it well, and the fact that Maureen doesn't shows just how wide the separation in America has become.

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