Friday, September 02, 2011

Let Me Explain "BO Uncertainty"

Obama Asks EPA to Withdraw Proposed Ozone Rule -

Many lefties seem mystified by business not rushing to invest billions of dollars in new capital expenditures and hiring under the thumb of the BO regime. This isn't rocket science.

BO has decided to "delay a Proposed Ozone Rule". He may stop raiding little manufacturers like Gibson that run afoul of obscure wood importation laws. He might give you an exemption to BOcare if you grease the proper palms -- he has given out thousands, I leave it up to you to figure out why anyone would want an exemption from such a great boon as BOcare. He might allow Boeing to use the $1B plant they thoughtlessly built in SC where there aren't as many BO supporting union folks as he likes ... but there is still "a reasonable chance" that he might allow Boeing to employ 5K non-union folks if the job picture keeps looking really bad (again, those lefties that think there ought be no "uncertainty" can decide what BO will consider "really bad"). Who knows, someday he may even allow more drilling for oil and maybe even more refineries.

But then again, he may not. In fact, if things were to start looking "better", than we can assume the ozone regs come back, more healthcare stuff gets enforced vs exempted, prosecutions on businesses that don't support BOs campaigns go up (and who knows, the required fees may even go up), shutting down non-union shops and higher taxes on business and individuals will come to pass -- oh, and no new drilling or refineries, our energy supply will continue to become more and more uncertain.

Business is ALWAYS about making investments that can result in losses with the best business plans you can create to try to insure profits. BO is out there INCREASING uncertainty, even when he "delays something" ... in fact, that is now "known uncertainty". We hang at the whim of BO, and he has made it clear he rewards his friends and punishes his enemies -- "the Chicago Way".
And how does anyone know when BO is going to decide that you are his enemy??? Heck, KaDaffy was just minding his own business, cross dressing and hanging out with his fembots and favorite camel while killing a few thousand rebels like he has done for 30 years at least, and all of a sudden BO goes all PMS on him. Wassup wid dat??? Heck, when KaDaffy blew up the jet over Lockerbie and some discos in the 80's and Ronnie bombed his compound, you would have thought that he was the UN and US Left's Nobel Prize Funny Farmer. Now all of a sudden he is personna non-grata, and nobody likes his party dresses anymore. The left is just so darned fickle.

Lefty's can't see any "uncertainty"??? Earth to MSM and left, BO has more problems than just not having control of his teleprompter reading schedule!!!

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