Sunday, October 02, 2011

BO Assassination of Americans "Troubling"

Killings Pose Legal and Moral Quandary -

The "far right news outlet" WSJ seems to be "troubled" by BO killing a US citizen in a foreign land with no judicial review at all. Golly.

I'm old enough to remember a time long ago and far away in the evil W administration where even tapping a phone WITH FISA court review was a TERRIBLE destruction of our Constitutional rights!! 

Back then the MSM/left were some mighty strict Constitutionalists.

Now BO can KILL a US citizen with no attempt at capture and trial. Just go ahead and blast them??? Presidential power as judge, jury and executioner of US citizens. These are the same people that are against the death penalty even after a full scale trial and years of appeals, because "there is never 100% proof someone is guilty", but they are completely UNtroubled by BO whacking this guy?

Yes, I know, my own maxim of understanding the liberal mind "Consistency is NOT an issue!!!" ... but each new proof of that frankly unbelievable maxim gives me a little shiver. Our elites suddenly discover that  no law and no limits on power is nothing that they have concern over!

All hail BO! 

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