Friday, October 07, 2011

Faster Than Climate Change

Gone in 60 nanoseconds - The Washington Post

I'm not sure I agree with Charles on the extreme import this may have. If true, much like the discovery of quantum effects, it will put Einstein's model in a "bounded domain" much as Einstein put Newton's model in a similar bounded domain. Newtonian physics still works just fine for well over 90% of physics work, because we humans live in the speed and weight range where Newton's model is explanatory. So it will likely be with Einstein's Relativity. Again, **IF** this is proven to be true.

What I DO really like about this article is:

1). Way short of all that is newsworthy is political. Out current world is WAY to heavily tilted to the overblown focus on things political. This is real hard science happening that COULD make fundamental changes in the way we compute and communicate, and who knows? Faster than light??

2). How complete an absurdity it is that "Climate Change" could be "settled science" by ANYONE, when E=MC**2 is not, and SHOULD not be!!!

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