Saturday, October 22, 2011

Honesty From NYTimes!

The Ugliness All Started With Bork -

I'm not sure it really "all started", but there is no doubt that relative to any sense of comity in the Senate, Bork was "Pear Harbor".

The frequency of completely partisan take-downs is much greater than the column suggests -- the destruction of Dan Quayle, the attack on Clarence Thomas, the complete fabrication of the need for investigation of the alleged Scooter Libby leak.

Yes, yes, it happens on both sides, but it happens FAR more often from the left, because while the left might actually own up to things (a tiny bit), 24 years after the fact, when they circle their wagons, the NYTimes, NPR, CBS, etc are not doing any talking out of turn. Maybe a quarter of a century after the fact ... but really, so what??

Will we have to hit bottom before we realize that a reasoned discussion on the constitution would be far more beneficial to our nation than a hyperpartisan personal takedown or a learned, intelligent public servant??

I seriously don't know ... but a quarter century is better than never for someone to admit the facts, and it ought to be applauded.

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