Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Am The 53%

The 53%: Occupy Wall Street backlash - Oct. 26, 2011:

NOTE, if it is really really true that 53% still pay Federal Income taxes, we need to get this tide turned RIGHT NOW!!! (I thought we already were less than 50%).

We need to get it to like 90% that pay Income taxes ... "taking part" is very very important. It is really hard for any adult to believe that this is "their country" when they are paying nothing in income tax.

Once you are taking part in paying, the situation gets to be a lot more relative to "the 1%" as the rest of the Packers are to Aaron Rodgers. Yes, he is ONE GUY, but he is the QB ... negatively affect his performance and your season takes a turn for the worse.

When you are taking part, paying taxes, and "on the US Team", you have a whole different attitude about your income producing star performers!

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