Saturday, October 08, 2011

A Pyromaniac In a Field Of Straw Men

How George Will Misunderstands Both Elizabeth Warren And Liberalism | The New Republic:

The title is a very nice turn of phrase -- one applied by William F Buckley to John Kenneth Galbraith. It reminds me of how much I miss the Godfather of "WFB"s everywhere.

In this context it shows how the left tends to raise "not getting the point" to high pedantic art.

Nobody that I know is talking of NO TAXES on the wealthy, millionaires, private jet owners, or any other group. The Democrats current approach is to willy nilly tack $50K of new taxes on an income of a million, out of the blue.

Why all the long lectures on "nobody gets rich on their own"?? Nobody said they did -- the upper incomes are ALREADY paying around 70% of the income taxes!

As is often the case, Galston creates yet more straw men to do battle with rather than Will. The problem at hand is LIMITED government. Higher income people are already paying over 50% of their income when FICA, state, and local taxes are added in. When the government is already taking over half of your income and still wants more it seems very reasonable to talk about "limits", it is completely UNreasonable to discuss the straw man of "everybody ought to pay some taxes".

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