Sunday, October 23, 2011

Too Cynical for NYTs?

Occupy Wall Street and Hollywood -

Wow, what's a mother to do? The Times is having trouble with the hypocrisy and cynicism of 1%s with Hollywood connections hanging out with the OWS movement? Wassup wid dat???

The rap mogul Russell Simmons and the rapper Kanye West meandered over to Occupy Wall Street’s cradle, Zuccotti Park. By all accounts West was wearing more bling, though Simmons has bigger bucks: his net worth has been estimated as being between $100 million and $340 million. West’s is below that, and he made only $16 million or so last year.

I mean, come on! The Kennedy's have been friends of the "little man" forever while they lived in their estates and trust funds. Our own MN governor is filthy rich with his money stored out of state to avoid even the current taxes which he feels are way short of hard enough on "the rich". Buffet and Gates talk a great game --- yet they propose to give their billions to charity through foundations on their own terms, not have it confiscated by the government through estate taxes.

The hypocrisy of the wealthy left has been obvious to even a casual observer for decades --- it is just that the NYTimes isn't usually one of those places that takes any note of it at all.

All that said, this is TWICE in the last couple weeks that I've been surprised by the perspective of the Times as being somewhat rational!!!

Maybe there IS a chance after all.

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