Saturday, October 29, 2011

Weather is Not Climate

Early snowstorm hits Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, crimps travel -

Weather is not climate ... so neither this or heat records in TX last summer counts as "climate change".

"Strange or chaotic weather" is not proof of climate change, and certainly not proof a causal relationship with humans. Whatever the old record was in 1869 was "chaotic weather" as well -- happening over 100 years ago. Our lifespans are short, 100 or 200 years is a very short span for "climate". Climate is something that DOES change in large and small ways ... eg. ice ages, medieval warming period, little ice age. It always has, and it probably always will ... however it will be 10s of thousands of years before we have observed at least on cycle from warm to cold (ice age), back to warm again. Note however that ONE is not necessarily a pattern.

Political ideology tends to be "reality independent". The left, those oriented toward government control are ALWAYS going to see conditions, both real and imagined, as reasons to increase their "benevolent" control on the rest of the recalcitrant human race.
"Lesser, albeit still significant amounts were measured in other locales around the northeast, including 1.3 inches of snow in New York's Central Park as of 2 p.m. -- the most ever for this date since record-keeping began in 1869. And snow continued to fall Saturday evening, as the system moved over New England."

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