Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wisconsin Breaks Corrupt Cycle

Wisconsin schools buck union to cut health costs | Byron York | Politics | Washington Examiner

The big reason that the unions and the Democrats fought so hard in WI is that WEA Trust was sucking money out of the taxpayers that was being funneled into the coffers of the Democrat party!! Along with stopping the state from being the bagman for union dues, this is a huge hit at the standard union corruption that has been feeding the $$$ into state and national level Democrats.

The problem for Hartland-Lakeside was that WEA Trust was charging significantly higher rates than the school district could find on the open market. School officials knew that because they got a better deal from United HealthCare for coverage of nonunion employees. On more than one occasion, Superintendent Glenn Schilling asked WEA Trust why the rates were so high. "I could never get a definitive answer on that," says Schilling.

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