Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christian Hate Speech?

Tebow Exposed | The Nation:

Is anti-Christian hate speech possible? Note, I don't think there should be such a thing as "hate speech" PERIOD, but since we DO have it for other groups, let's take a look.

The Christian right hasn’t had such a bad day since their leaders discovered Tim Tebow, Focus on the Family spokesperson, missionary, and anti-abortion crusader, found out yesterday that all the charisma, good looks, and athleticism in the world won’t help you play quarterback in the NFL if you can’t throw a football.
So how many Christian leaders have discovered ""??? (apparently some sort of a gay escort service). We know that one thing that liberals love is "Christian hypocrisy" ... or to translate, "humans having any standards". Since liberals eschew standards, they are certainly immune from hypocrisy, but can't just a glance at say the Tea Party vs OWS not pretty much prove they are ANYTHING but immune from bad behavior?? What in the world does "" have to do with Tebow having a bad game ... or maybe even not qualifying to play QB in the NFL. Would he even REMOTELY be the first hyped first round QB choice that flamed out in the big league??? Uh, maybe take a check on Ryan Leaf ... and a ton of others.

There’s something noxious about seeing, in real time, someone being manufactured as a leader, a poster boy and even an icon without his proving it on the field. The Tebow experience has been like seeing the DC political media establishment swoon over the “next big thing” for higher office. The difference is that in football, there are no speech doctors, no slickly produced ads, no one who can just play “quarterback” at press conferences and photo ops. You can either play or you can’t. But pity not Tim Tebow. With that smile and sparkle, he can always find a home in national politics: a profession in which neither substance nor merit is required.
There may indeed be something "noxious" about putting a person of questionable capability in a key position. Having the stench of BO in the WH has turned out to be exceptionally "noxious" ... at least if you need to work, or have some idea that you may be paying for his deficits for the next 100 years or so. Does this guy REALLY think that it is BETTER to put some guy with no ability beyond reading a teleprompter in the WH vs giving a guy with a questionable arm a shot at NFL QB??? Color me incredulous.

Especially when since this tirade, Tebow has won two in a row, and last week was the 7th best QB rating.

Why oh why would a columnist for a national publication like The Nation come to an istant conclusion against an NFL QB after his SECOND NFL GAME unless he HATES HIM??? Why would he be hating him except for his religious views??? If he hated him because he was black, or muslim, or gay, or whatever, could he get away with this in a national publication?? I don't think so.

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