Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Liberal "Open Mind"

Think Again: Dowd, Not Coulter, ‘Falters’:

"As with the late, unlamented Sen. Joe McCarthy—of whom Coulter remains an unapologetic cheerleader—she corrupts us merely by our association with her species and coarsens our culture by her very presence in it. Shame on Maureen Dowd for enabling her to do so with the imprimatur of The New York Times."

In a place like "American Progress", "progressives" can be honest. Their objective has never really changed from 1900 through Wilson, through Hitler, through Stalin, through FDR, to now. Put your opposition in concentration camps, kill them if you can get away with it. Make them non-human, their own "species". Those execrable people that deign to have different views from your "progressive openness" simply deserve to die, and be forgotten. The nation is "corrupted" by the very presence of those that refuse to bow to the "progressive" mantra.

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