Thursday, November 03, 2011

Moyers Powell Memo

How Wall Street Occupied America | The Nation:

Bill Moyers is left of left. Not that surprising, he is a multi-millionaire author, producer and PTV personality.

This column is quite interesting to read, especially when contrasted with the actual memo it attempts to frame

The infamous on the left "Powell Memo", sent to the US Chamber of Commerce shortly before Powell was appointed to the Supreme Court is a cause celeb on the left, exceeding things like "Rules for Radical" and "Cloward Piven Strategy" for conservatives. From the POV of folks like Moyers, it is the beginning of evil.

Much as we see in the memo itself, Moyers seems to feel that conservatives, business, corporations, etc should not be allowed a voice. To allow them such is to "deny the people". One wonders who it was that elected his worshipfullness Obummer in '08? Oh wait, "The One" himself is not far enough to the left for Moyers. While the "radical", Powell, found the idea of class warfare to be a danger to the nation, Moyers relishes it ... much like Robespierre, he believes that "equality of outcome" must be obtained at all costs, including blood in the streets -- a common cost for the "utopians".

The noxious Moyers is enough to make one understand why the Islamists cut off people's heads! 

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