Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why We Need Common Sense

Why We Need Occupy Wall Street:

Warren Buffet, richest man in the US and tax dodger is STILL lamenting how much money he made (note, he isn't giving any to the US government, NOR is he going to given them any when he dies -- he is putting it into a FOUNDATION, NOT into inheritance taxes!!). That is one reason we need OWS?? Oh, the other is because the President of the Reserve Bank in Dallas called for breaking up some of America's big banks. That, and the fact that Republicans are still fighting the idea of raising taxes in a recession.

One "good" thing that OWS has done is increased the number of articles on Inequality! Super. When the brokest nation on earth just keeps getting broker, with NOTHING to show in real spending cuts after the 2010 landslide for Republicans, unemployment still hovers at 9%, public unions are still winning votes in OH and BO recently shot us in the forehead by delaying the Keystone Pipeline -- but SUPER, we have more articles on "inequality".

It is the INCOME part that we ought to be worried about ... as in we need LOTS more of it and all our actions -- including trying to "spread the wealth" are very likely to get us less of it as a nation. One can't re-distribute what they don't have!!!

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