Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Modernizing Conservatism

Breakthrough Journal: Issue 2 : MODERNIZING CONSERVATISM

Generally well written but longish.

Three major points I tend to agree with:

1), "Victory" in an ideological sense is impossible in the US given our political structures

2), Liberals and Conservatives have fundamentally different world views -- we will not "finally get educated and all get along"

3). Entitlements are not going away -- so we better figure out how to reform, restructure, innovate, etc on them

I worry about #1 the most ... with the MSM, the SCOTUS and legal system in general being basically liberal, the education system being liberal, the ever increasing number of government workers both liberal and unionized, and the "minority" birth and legal/illegal immigration rate turning those "minorities" into future majorities, it seems that the Statist Re-Distributionist movement MAY have a shot to "win" at some point.

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