Saturday, January 07, 2012

Beating Up IA

In Iowa, a foreign country called the GOP - PostPartisan - The Washington Post:

Having grown up in heaven (WI) and then moved to MN for a 34 year career, I often feel about IA as I once did about my younger siblings. I'll beat them up all I want, but if you try, you are toast.

Full disclosure, my wife is from deepest darkest IA. Couple of my favorite IA jokes:

Did you hear that IA put in artificial turf in their stadium? ... They were having too much trouble with their cheerleaders grazing ...

Do you know why IA doesn't have any professional sports teams? Ans ... Because then MN would get jealous and want to have some as well. (that one is really good considering my background)

But I digress ... here we have Rochard Cohen, from the Washington Post, declaring IA and Republicans to be "foreigners". SOMEBODY is a "foreigner" in what was once America. That is exactly what this election, and indeed all the elections since the '30s have been about. The "liberals/progressives" believe that "Nation" means "United States of Europe". Pay no mind to the fact the Europe is in danger of collapse on an even more rapid timetable than the $15T in debt and $60-200T in unfunded liabilities bankrupt US. The "progressive" answer is Mo-Bigga Government ... and abortion on demand, and smaller families, and no religion, and everything an entitled right, and ...

C0hen's "America" is "Europe" ... probably some gauzy combination of Norway, Sweden, Germany and France. Secular, paternal, snobbish, soft, entitled, smug and opposed to all the attributes that once made American exceptional. To some degree, some of those exceptional American attributes still live on in IA and other "fly-over states" ... TX, ND, SD, etc. and Cohen hates them. He hates them because they ARE very very "foreign" to him -- so outlandish he can barely imagine the form of "lower life" that would cling to guns, God, family and honest work, rather than sneeringly demand "rights".

There really are "Two Americas" ... one is "Europe", where Cohen lives, and yes, the other is out here in flyover country, the remnant of a once-great exceptional nation.

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