Saturday, January 07, 2012

Frenzied and Futile

Government: The redistributionist behemoth - The Washington Post:

People are less dissatisfied by what they lack than by what others have. And when government engages in redistribution in order to maximize the happiness of citizens who become more envious as they become more comfortable, government becomes increasingly frenzied and futile.

or as I put it, wealth is finite, envy is infinite.

Good one by George -- he hits the salient point that needs to be made OVER AND OVER. The US entitlement state is busily transferring wealth from the poorest Americans -- the young, to the wealthiest Americans -- the elderly, while the Democrats react politically to the only current attempt to remedy that -- the Ryan Plan, with the cynical pushing Grandma off the cliff ad.

It is the partisanship (usually of the right) that is constantly derided in the press. The hypocrisy (mostly of the left) needs more equal time!

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