Wednesday, January 04, 2012

How Heartless Can I Be???

Will false diagnosis cost Minnesota girl her life? |

In a nation by and for lawyers, this is an example of something that we have to fight. I don't care how adorable the little girl is -- this is a cancer that is diagnosed 350 times per year!!! So to not diagnose a "bump" on a baby as something that only shows up 350 times a year in the nation as cancer is malpractice?? Do you know what that means??

It means that we add to the never ending set of biopsies and tests to the already bloated list, all to save AT BEST 350 kids per year (and we won't save half that many). SIDs kills about 2,500 every year by comparison -- just as cute, just as dead -- they just don't have to do all the chemo.

We can't just keep rolling up the costs of "defensive medicine" endlessly. We are all going to die, some of us young. As technology gets better the supposedly "preventable" death potentials rise, but if we demand that Doctors test for all possible conditions, no matter how rare, and then sue them if they fail to, our medical costs will continue to grow so much as to bankrupt the system and prevent reasonable care for any of us!!

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