Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Obama's Critics Are Dumb

Newsweek's Andrew Sullivan Says President Obama's Critics Are Dumb - Investors.com

Seriously, must we EVER talk about bias in the MSM again??? How many $$$ must Republicans raise to counteract this kind of "reporting"???  Essentially infinite!

The title is very scary if you look at it right. They mean "dumb" as in the colloquial meaning "stupid", but of course it really means "unable to speak". Obama's critics -- the people for restraint in spending, pro-business / jobs government, family values, etc;   don't have the kind of media wallop to do a cover / article like this on a magazine that will glare from newsstands across the nation, so they are "unable to speak", they truly are "dumb"!!!!

They are "less dumb" today ... Fox news, talk radio, "corporations as people" money, but we are still far short from having a NewSpeak cover like that. How hard does the left want to work to get Citizens United (the SCOTUS case that allows corporations to contribute to politics) overturned??? VERY ... BO railed against it from a SOTU address with the justices in the room!!

The left is constantly at work to win the only way they really can -- by shutting up the opposition, and therefore the truth. From the Gulag, to Hitlers Germany, to Mao, to Pol Pot, to China today, the strategy of the left is ALWAYS "keep them dumb" ... and dead if possible.

They work to hide it, but the truth tends to cry out when least expected.

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