Friday, March 09, 2012

How Freedom Loses Via "Fluke"

Final Thoughts On Rush and the 30 Year Old Professional Activist | Power Line

The conservative ability to operate in the media world has grown exponentially since the last time we had an "end of  America President" (Carter) and I was starting vs ending my career with IBM. Then there was Buckley and NRO, plus ??? oh, I guess the WSJ Op Ed page. Now we have some talk radio and Fox at least.

As the Fluke story showed however, our operatives aren't as sophisticated as the left, and our coordination sucks. THE STORY was government intrusion on religions freedom via forcing funding for abortion and contraception. By judicious use of a Democrat Operative and Rush going for the bait, the Democrats and the MSM converted the story into "The Republicans War on Women".

Hats off for brilliance, but crocodile tears for religious and other freedom. A win for the Democrats, another loss for freedom.

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